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Our Eyelash Extensions

At our salon, we offer a range of eyelash extension styles to enhance your natural beauty. Our classic lashes are perfect for those seeking a softer, more natural look. With one lash extension applied to each natural lash, we customize the length, diameter, and curvature to complement your eye shape, creating a unique look just for you.

For a signature look that adds dimension and depth, our signature lashes are the way to go. Using the lightest lash extensions, we apply multiple 2-3 extensions to each natural lash, resulting in a captivating and fuller appearance. It's important to note that this style requires healthy lashes to hold the extensions effectively.

If you desire a truly dramatic and voluminous look, our mega volume lashes are designed for you. By applying multiple 4-6 lash extensions to each natural lash, we achieve a breathtaking effect that adds maximum volume and allure. This style is recommended for individuals with naturally thick and healthy lashes.

In addition to eyelash extensions, we also offer an eyelash lift or perm. Ideal for those with decent natural lashes seeking a hassle-free solution, our gentle adhesive secures your lashes in place around a rod. We use a lifting lotion to make your lashes flexible and then a setting lotion to lock in the curl, resulting in beautifully lifted lashes that require minimal maintenance.

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Services We Offer

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lashes

Elevate your natural beauty with our classic lash set. Experience a softer, more natural look as we apply one lash extension to each of your natural lashes. Our expert technicians customize the lengths, diameters, and curvatures to perfectly suit your unique eye shape, resulting in a stunning and effortless enhancement.

First Visit:  
$110 (2h)
3 Week Fill:  
$80 (2h)
Signature Lashes

Unleash your signature style with our 2D-3D lashes. This captivating look involves the application of lightweight lash extensions, with 2-3 extensions delicately placed on each natural lash. Ideal for most women, these lashes add dimension, depth, and an irresistible allure. Please note that healthy lashes are necessary to support this style.

First Visit:  
$120 (2h)
3 Week Fill:  
$80 (2h)
Mega Volume Lashes

Craving breathtaking volume? Our mega volume lashes deliver exactly that. With our 4D-6D technique, we use the lightest lash extensions available to apply multiple extensions (4-6) to each natural lash. The result? Intensely voluminous lashes that exude drama and glamour, perfect for those with naturally thick and healthy lashes.

First Visit:  
$130 (2h)
3 Week Fill:  
$80 (2h)

Eyelash Lift

Indulge in an eyelash lift or perm for an effortless enhancement without extensions. Ideal for individuals with naturally decent lashes, this treatment provides that extra oomph without the maintenance. Our skilled technicians use a gentle adhesive to secure your lashes around a rod. A lifting lotion is applied to make your lashes flexible, followed by a setting lotion to lock in the curl and condition your natural lashes.


When it's time for a fresh start, trust our professionals for safe and efficient eyelash extension removal. With meticulous care, we'll gently remove the extensions, ensuring your natural lashes remain healthy and unharmed. Let us handle the removal process, leaving you with a clean slate and the freedom to explore new lash styles and options.

Make it Count!
Pre and Post Instructions For Eyelash Extensions

  1. Ensure that your eyes and lashes are completely clean and free of any makeup, oils, or residue before your appointment.
  2. Avoid using any oil-based products on your face, including makeup removers, moisturizers, or eye creams, as they can affect the adhesive bond.
  3. Remove contact lenses before the application process.
  4. Arrive with makeup-free eyes, including mascara and eyeliner, as it may interfere with the application process.
  5. Avoid caffeine consumption before your appointment, as it can make your eyes flutter or twitch.
  6. If you have any eye infections or conditions, inform your lash technician before the appointment.
  7. Avoid curling your natural lashes before the procedure, as the technician will apply the extensions to your natural lashes' straight form.
  8. Plan your appointment on a day when you won't be exposed to excessive heat, steam, or water, as they can affect the adhesive's curing process.
  9. It's recommended to arrive at the appointment with clean hair, as you will need to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
  10. Lastly, relax and be ready to enjoy the process of getting beautiful, long-lasting lashes!
Post Care
  1. Sleep on your back. This is crucial, especially right after your application, as the glue takes time to fully dry. Sleeping on your back helps prevent weird kinks and ensures the longevity of your lashes. In general, try to avoid sleeping directly on your lashes.

  2. Give your lashes lots of TLC. When removing eye makeup, gently use a cleansing wipe instead of placing cotton pads or puffs over your lids. Cotton fibers can get stuck on lashes and potentially damage the extensions. Alternatively, you can use non-woven cotton rounds with micellar water, but remember to stay away from the lashes.

  3. Comb them out. To maintain defined and well-separated lashes, use a spoolie wand. Close one eye, place the spoolie on top of your lashes, and roll the brush over them to keep them neat and untangled.

  4. Resist playing with them. Natural lashes shed on their own, and the same applies to extensions. If you notice an extension out of place, avoid twisting or pulling it off. Playing with them can lead to the loss of your natural lashes. Let them come out naturally and use a spoolie to brush them back into place in the meantime.

  5. Give your eyes extra attention. Due to the less thorough washing of the eye area, residue buildup can occur, especially at the lash line. Even without eye makeup, external impurities and dust can get trapped. Mix water with a small amount of tear-free baby shampoo and use the mixture to thoroughly clean the top lids and the bottom of your eyes.

Specifics For Eyelash Lift

Before the Procedure:

  1. Refrain from consuming alcohol the day before the treatment.
  2. Remove contact lenses prior to the procedure.
  3. Arrive with clean eyelashes, free from mascara, cream, or powder.

After the Procedure:

  1. The effects of the treatment typically last between 4 to 8 weeks.
  2. After 8 weeks, you can opt to have the procedure performed again.
  3. For the first 24 hours following the procedure, please observe the following:
    • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
    • Refrain from applying cream in the eye area.
    • Do not apply mascara.
    • Avoid any facial treatments during this time.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure the best results and prolong the effects of your eyelash lift treatment. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please consult your lash technician for personalized advice.

Frequently Asked Questions
Eyelash extensions typically last around 4-6 weeks, as they gradually shed with your natural lashes' growth cycle. However, individual factors like lash care, lifestyle, and natural lash shedding rate can affect the longevity.
Yes, when applied by a trained professional and proper aftercare is followed, eyelash extensions are safe. Professionals ensure that the lashes are applied at a safe distance from the lash line, and the adhesive used is specifically formulated for cosmetic use.
It is generally recommended to avoid mascara as it can clump the extensions and make them appear less natural. However, if you prefer using mascara, there are mascaras specifically formulated for use with extensions. Look for water-based and oil-free formulas that are safe for lash extensions.
When applied correctly and maintained properly, eyelash extensions should not damage your natural lashes. It's crucial to visit a trained professional who will assess the health of your natural lashes and choose appropriate extensions that won't cause excessive weight or strain.
The application process usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the desired style and the technician's expertise. The technician carefully isolates each natural lash and applies a single extension to it, ensuring a meticulous and precise application.
No, the application process is painless and comfortable. You may feel a gentle, soothing sensation as the technician applies each lash extension. Some clients even find the process relaxing and may even take a nap during the application.
Yes, once the adhesive has fully cured (usually within 24-48 hours), you can swim, shower, and engage in regular activities without any issues. Just avoid excessive exposure to heat, steam, and rubbing the lashes vigorously.
To maintain a full look, it is recommended to get lash fills every 2-3 weeks as new lashes grow in and older ones shed. Regular fills help to keep the extensions looking seamless and ensure that your lash line stays consistently full.
It is generally not necessary to curl eyelash extensions since they are already designed to have a beautiful curl. Curling tools can potentially damage the extensions or cause them to lose their shape. If you desire a more dramatic curl, consult with your technician for suitable alternatives.
It is advised to avoid excessive heat, such as saunas or prolonged exposure to steam, as it can weaken the adhesive bond. Additionally, avoid oil-based products near the lash line, as they can break down the adhesive. Gentle cleansing and avoiding rubbing the lashes will help them last longer.
Yes, you can wear contact lenses while having eyelash extensions. Just remember to follow proper hygiene and care for both. Insert or remove your lenses carefully, avoiding any tugging or pulling on the lash extensions.
It is recommended to have a professional remove your eyelash extensions to prevent damage to your natural lashes. Professionals use special adhesive removers and techniques that are safe and gentle for your natural lashes. Attempting to remove extensions at home can risk pulling out or damaging your own lashes.
It is normal for your natural lashes to appear shorter temporarily as you get used to the absence of the extensions. The lash extensions can create an illusion of length and volume, but your natural lashes will gradually regain their natural length as new lashes grow in.
Yes, you can still get eyelash extensions if you have sensitive eyes. It is essential to inform your technician about your sensitivity so that they can choose appropriate materials and adhesives that are hypoallergenic and gentle on the eyes.
Yes, you can wear makeup with eyelash extensions, but it's advisable to use oil-free and water-based products to avoid damaging the adhesive bond. Avoid using oil-based makeup removers near the lash line, as they can weaken the adhesive and cause premature lash extension loss.
It's best to consult with your technician and inform them about your allergies. They can recommend suitable lash materials and perform a patch test if necessary to ensure that you don't have an adverse reaction to the adhesive or lash extensions.
Yes, you can continue using your regular skincare products while having eyelash extensions. However, it's important to avoid applying oil-based products or heavy creams near the lash line, as they can break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to detach prematurely.